The Whole Mishpacha

As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.

Snapshots of Summer



The boys are super into Sorry! Play against them, and you’ll be….. sorry.

This girl loves to swing. This was in Idyllwild at 4th-6th grade camp.




Also in Idyllwild. This shirt has never been the same.




Cousin fun on the 4th of July.



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Naked Chicken Farming

Need I say more?


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Our Little Entrepreneur

Jed likes money. He is eager to do whatever he can to earn it! At home he will ask to do chores. At Grandma and Grandpa’s house he often trims the bushes in the backyard and recently he decided he wanted to have a lemonade stand! After picking bucketfuls of lemons at Torok Farm and Gardens , he and Matt made fresh lemonade on a perfect summer Saturday morning. At .50 a cup he made $25 and sold out of the lemonade in about an hour and a half! Several friends and family came to support him as well as a policeman (we weren’t sure if he was coming to buy lemonade for shut the operation down!).

We are proud of our boy! What a fantastic way to spend a Saturday morning!

As you can see, Jed did a lot of work, in addition to making the lemonade, he also painted the signs and helped to set up and tear down. This kid has a great worth ethic. Way to go, Jed!

lemonade police

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When the Dog Bites…

Last week Karis was bitten on the face by a friend’s dog. It was the weirdest, freakiest thing ever. No one is exactly sure what prompted the happy-go-lucky Golden Retriever to take a chomp at Karis, and certainly no one would have ever seen it coming. He bit her sideways across the face, resulting in stitches in 2 different spots, one spot needing 2 layers of stitches. Matt took her to the ER where she was sedated (she had super-human strength and there was no way anyone was going to get close to her face without the sedation).

Once we knew that she was going to be ok and that no serious damage was done, our biggest fear was that this would change her love for dogs – that she would now fear them – and that the wounds wouldn’t heal well, resulting in a permanent scar. But, we are so pleased with the way her face is healing – it looks so good just a week later! The biggest task will be to keep the wounds out of the sun for a whole year, hopefully resulting in less scarring. We are so thankful that the night after the bite she wanted to go back and see the dog and then a couple of days later was petting another Golden Retriever at the park. Here are some pictures before and after stitches:






Poor baby girl.


Rapunzel, Thunderbolt, and Thunderstar make Eleven…

…Animals, that is, who reside in the Davis backyard.

On the very last day of school, Matt and I were sitting at a coffee shop talking and I mentioned that I wanted some sort of “summer project” to work on with the kids. Matt thought for half a second and then said, “Hey! I just saw somebody on Facebook has baby bunnies!”  No sooner were the words out of his mouth that he realized he had just made a terrible mistake! Perhaps it was the exited squeal that escaped my smiling lips or the mental image of Little Red holding a baby bunny with joy and delight that made Matt realize that there would be no going back.

We were destined to have bunnies.

I mean seriously, how could you deny these children the joy of a soft, furry, cuddly bunny?








Matt couldn’t.

Not only did he concede to bunnies (did he ever really have a choice once he uttered the words “baby bunnies?” I think not). But he agreed and got to work building the most amazing bunny hutch ever built. It is the Taj Majal-Buckingham Palace -Beach-House-in-Emerald-Bay of bunny hutches. :-)

Seriously, I am super impressed. It’s has two stories:


It has a cozy bedroom upstairs (with linoleum flooring):


And a porch (of course, doesn’t every bunny need a porch?).


Noah named his bunny Thunderstar. Jed named his bunny Thunderbolt, and Karis’ bunny’s name changes between Rapunzel, Ariel and Cinderella.  Catch the theme? I think Rapunzel is going to stick. :-)

Anybody want any bunnies? We might have a few to give away in a couple months.

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Welcome Summer!

We are so glad you are here!


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Creative Sleepers Strike Again!


Well, ok. He did have a high fever. That could account for this strange and hazardous place that he chose to take a nap. Poor baby. But so cute.

Oh, her squishy face…I love it. I actually think she had a fever in this picture too. Poor baby. But so cute.

Mail Attachment

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End of the School Year Festivities

School ended in a flurry of busy-ness and also a lot of fun.

Jed’s end of the year party  with his best bud, Samuel.



Mrs. Gish. How we all love her!



Partners in preschool crime.



When Noah’s first grade teacher, Mrs. Brockman, left to have her baby in March, we were all very sad. But, Mrs. Smits came to take over the class and what a blesssing she has been!



Noah got the “Sportsmanship Award” from his P.E. teacher.



Noah was awarded the “Christian Citizenship Award” for his class (proud, proud, proud, Mommy and Daddy!) and also received an award for academic achievement.



Can you find him?

Jed’s last preschool performance (What? How is this possible?!)…



….and Karis’ first! (What?! How is this possible?!). She was very worried about being up in front of everyone. No, she wasn’t. She was also shy and didn’t want to sing. Nope. Sang her heart out with hand motions included. It was super-fun to watch! I also think she felt confident because she got to sing alongside her cousin, Sadie.




This is actually a picture of Karis on her first day of preschool in March! I never posted it, so this seems as good a time as any! Karis and Mrs. McKee:



We are so proud of all of our amazing kids!


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And RC Makes Eight…

… Chickens, that is.

Through strange circumstances we have acquired a new chicken.

After being tossed into our yard by a couple of different neighbors who all thought she was ours AND after a thorough search of other fellow-backyard-chicken-farming neighbors to inquire if anyone happened to be missing a lovely Barred Rock hen, it became clear that the sweet girl was indeed homeless.

What? Don’t you have stray chickens roaming around your neighborhood?

It doesn’t take long for certain Davis family members to become attached to any animal of any kind, so you can imagine their delight as we walked away from each neighbor’s house with no success at finding her owners.

So, she is ours. Her name is RC. She is named after RC, a lady Transformer (of course).

RC is actually the most wonderful chicken we have. God bless her – she spends about 75% of her time being carried and “cuddled” around the backyard by a certain small-red-headed chicken farmer. Despite this, she gives us a lovely brown egg each morning.


The brainiest of the bunch, she also tends to sneak in the house and go for jackpot under the kitchen table. Who needs a dog?



KarisCrownRC karisrc

Yes, may our Good Lord have Mercy on this patient and kind creature.


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Princess Karis turns 3!

Our sweet girl is very into the Disney Princesses so it wasn’t a huge surprise that she had her heart set on a princess themed party. She chose to dress as Princess Aurora and I’m quite sure she was the loveliest Sleeping Beauty that ever lived happily ever after.


The royal knight and princess…


Other royalty in attendance…




Notice Her Highness’s shoes… more on them in a moment.






Mail Attachment




IMG_4838 IMG_4844 IMG_4878


The other birthday highlight was her first visit to Disneyland! Her favorite part? Meeting Ariel, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty…. And of course quality time with her two favorite buds!

Disneyland: It’s the happiest place on earth?








Her gift that she chose from Dland: Princess shoes. She hasn’t worn another pair since. Ask anyone.


cinderangela SBAngela arielangela

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